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How Parkbench Helps Your Online Reputation

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a success story centred around passive ways that Parkbench can help bring you business. As a Real Estate Agent, it’s important to have multiple irons in the fire to generate leads from multiple sources. Here at Parkbench, we focus on helping you meet local professionals through the interview process. Then, we help you be as loud as you can about those connections through social media.

When you’re louder online about what you’re doing in your community, others notice. We recently had this comment in our Local Leaders Facebook group sharing a win.

What does your social media presence look like? Are you feeling a little lost?

Here at Parkbench, we’re available to help in various areas of your business. 

First, we’ll help you meet local professionals in your area. Next, we’ll help you grow your connection from a point of contribution. Then, we’ll help you turn those relationships into referral generators with the right conversations. If you don’t get a referral right away, we’ll show you how to foster that relationship through follow-up to stay top of mind.

AND all the while, posting about your actions in the community on social media to help more organic traffic head your way. We’ll teach you how to engage with your connection online. We cover how to share your content effectively on different platforms and how best to expand your reach. The more your reach expands, the more success stories like this occur!

Does this sound like something your business is missing? Reach out to us today to get more listings appointments in your area by clicking here.