novato, ca

Parkbench: “It’s Worth Every Penny.”

Here at Parkbench, we’re always looking to improve our client experience. We take feedback very seriously, and we’re constantly finding new ways to improve both the platform and our service. New Local Leaders are always excited to see how their investment continues to increase in value as updates happen. 

We also appreciate that a Real Estate Agent’s time is valuable. As our Local Leaders grow the success of their business, the value of the hours they’re putting in increases as well. We’ve realized that there are certain parts of this process that can be helpful to contract out to someone who’s a little less by the hour. 

Team MNM, consisting of Michael Milano and Nick McNaboe, got started with Parkbench in Marin County, CA in July of 2020.  It was clear immediately that it was the right fit for them. Michael had decades of experience in the industry, Nick was brand new with a wealth of transferable skills from his previous career. They were childhood friends who grew up in the area, so the idea of connecting with the community was extremely aligned. 

This team realized quickly that they loved doing the interviews. They loved hearing the stories of these local professionals. Leads starting coming in from their interviewees and things for busier. They were trying to maximize the time they spend building relationships in their community. In turn, minimizing the time spent behind the computer was integral.

Enter the Parkbench Concierge team. 

Parkbench now offers additional services to minimize that time. Local Leaders can now task our team to not only book interviews and set the appointments but edit the videos as well. Create the verbiage and hashtags for you to share them across your social media channels. Oh, you need blogs written about Real Estate or your community? We do that too. 

See to what Michael had to say.

What you guys have done since we’ve joined as far as booking interviews and doing the editing, there are so many things that weren’t even in place when we joined that just make joining now such a no-brainer. Because it does take time to do prospecting and find people who would like to be interviewed. Since you’ve taken that off our plate it’s just been that much better, and so much more fun. There’s so much value in it, whatever it costs, you could charge 5 times as much.”

We want our Local Leaders to spend time on what brings in the greatest reward. Building real relationships in your community getting you in front of more clients! I love what Michael says about mindset. Someone in your community may be currently working towards being the go-to agent. Do you want to be the most recommended agent in your community? Being a Local Leader will do this for you.

Why not you?

If you need a way to grow your sphere and connect with those around you, Parkbench is the way to do it. The options that we offer within Parkbench will fit the needs of any Real Estate Agent. As Michael says, it’s worth every penny. Click here to find out how to get started today.