How This Local Leader is Getting Real Estate Leads in her Neighborhood

As you scroll through the success stories we share about Parkbench, there are a lot of creative ways that a Local Leader finds value in the system. Benefits include their growing database, and how easy it is to connect with people in their communities. We hear about the referrals they get from interviewees connecting them with friends and family. Then there are referrals from other REALTORS® looking to connect with community-minded agents. The sky is really the limit on what’s possible.

Success stories like this one really speak to the core of what we do here. Interview local professionals, provide them with the value of featuring them on your site. Build an authentic relationship in the process and bring up Real Estate. It’s a no-brainer for your interviewees to choose you as their go-to agent in the process.

In this clip we hear from Lianne Russo Liddell, Local Leader in Madison Groves Arizona and Associate Broker with Occasio Realty. She shares about a recent win where one of her interviewees needed a Real Estate Agent and was thrilled to use her. This is what it’s all about! 

Lianne has also left us a review of her experience. Let’s hear more from her. 

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Parkbench so far! I live in the community that I’m sponsoring, so I already frequent most of the places that I’ve interviewed and reached out to. The Parkbench team provided me with some great templates and scripts for getting started, as well as training for video editing. They’ve been incredibly responsive, and have helped with any questions that I’ve had regarding following up after interviews and promoting more engagement. I love that Parkbench allows me to be the “go-to” resource in my community and neighborhood.”

Do you need help growing your database? 

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