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How Parkbench Local Leaders Gain Access to Community Organizations

We’ve seen a lot of Local Leaders gain access to different community organizations through Parkbench. When you’re actively working on differentiating yourself amidst a sea of Real Estate Agents, this can be wildly valuable. Reaching out to connect with community groups can help improve your reach and grow your sphere of influence. But when that organization reaches out to you first to ask you to get involved? Even better.

We’ve shared a couple of stories about this recently, but we recently saw this win from Local Leader Sarah Huard in Barrington, RI.

Let’s hear from her.

“Hi, all! A few have asked me about getting a Parkbench site utilized by the local Chamber of Commerce. Thought I’d share my experience as a means of help.  I was fortunate in that the Board heard about me and my Parkbench Barrington site and approached me about utilizing the site. They reached out to me, I didn’t seek out their support. They love my effort being exerted to support local small businesses and loved all my social media posts associated with the site and the local businesses. The chamber wanted to tap into my “presence “ as a means of boosting theirs. 

They asked me to join the Chamber which I have and am now involved with their PR dept.  They are interviewing me at their headquarters tomorrow and I will happily circle back after the meeting.  I am now involved with planning some Chamber events we will be starting such as “First Thursdays” as a means of getting people out and about and frequenting our restaurants and shops in the East Bay Area of RI.  I interviewed a great soul yesterday and spoke with him after about the local Chamber of Commerce and he is meeting with them tomorrow!”

Sarah hit the ground running when she got started with Parkbench. As a newer agent, she’s putting in the work to show why she’s such an asset to Barrington. People are beginning to notice, and this is opening but new opportunities for her that she never imagined!

Are you struggling to break into community organizations in your area? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you have locals reach out to you because of the noise you’re making? Parkbench is the number one way to establish yourself as a leader in your community. Click here to find out how.