Is Your Network Networking with Each Other?

When Local Leader Regan Sample got started with Parkbench, he was already ingrained into his community. As a natural connector when he launched into Real Estate, he knew referrals and relationships were the way to go. Networking was his strong suit, and he knew this would be an authentic way to do business. He was looking for a way to differentiate himself, but also give back. Regan knew if he wanted his network to use him in this new career, he had to earn their business.

He recently left this review that showcases how he’s using Parkbench. He shares how his connections are forming other connections within his network. The one thing that connects all of these people is Regan, and it’s a great way to stay top of mind.

Check out his review below.

I love this platform. I have been building my business through networking, building relationships and being a connector. Prior to March 2020, I was very active in the local chamber. I was the chair of our ambassador committee, volunteered at my kids’ school and several non-profits and facilitated networking groups. When that all stopped due to COVID, I really struggled personally. I was trying to continue to grow my business and also to have a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that I got from my activity. When I learned about Parkbench, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. Not only to supplement networking while things were still really restricted but going forward and being able to differentiate myself from other agents (we all know at least 20, right?).

In just the first few months, I was meeting business owners I wouldn’t have otherwise met. I purchased an interview booking package and Veronica was connecting me with people that were outside my existing sphere. It was really great because the people I was interviewing already knew me. This really helped me meet new people right out of the gate.

After posting the first few interviews, I was really happy to see how it was starting to build a community. One person I was interviewing told me how she viewed some interviews prior to getting on our zoom call. She bought dumplings from a business that I had interviewed previously, and when she got them delivered told them how she had learned about the business.

Another woman that started a cake business. She created a vendor event and many of the people I interviewed have signed up to have booths there. I’ve heard stories about the interviewees collaborating and doing projects together as well.

And the amazing thing about it all? I am bringing these people together.

One thing they all have in common is I helped their business in a small way to promote them. I asked for nothing in exchange, and they all know that I am bringing them together and helping to create a great community of small local businesses.

The people I interview have already begun to talk to me about real estate ideas, or needs they have. It all starts from what I always say… You have to give before you can receive. It takes time and consistency, but this is such a perfect platform to help me do it.

Are you a natural networker?

Does this sound like the solution you’re looking for in your Real Estate business? Parkbench can help you give value to those in your community to earn their business. The Parkbench Concierge team can book interviews for you to help you meet new people. If you want to stay top of mine as the go-to agent in your community, click here to find out how.