Parkbench: “The Perfect Platform for an Introverted Agent”

Getting into the Real Estate industry can be daunting. Getting into the Real Estate industry as an introverted person is an entirely different story. When it comes to growing your network, you have to get out of your comfort zone. How can Parkbench help?

From the outside looking in, it may seem that a system like Parkbench would be challenging for introverted agents. It’s all about getting out in your community and meeting new people. We recently had this review from a Local Leader in Gahanna, Ohio, Rebekah Meyer.

Let’s hear from her.

“I have worked directly with Amer on a few occasions and have felt more confident utilizing the platform and strategizing about interviews after doing a coaching session with him. He is responsive, approachable, laid back and very encouraging! I love the training, scripts, and coaching Parkbench offers. It’s the perfect platform for an introverted agent.”

Amer is one of our Client Success Coaches who onboards all of our new clients. One of the main reasons our new clients are so successful is because of the care and patience of coaches like him. It’s not only about teaching agents how to interview local businesses and follow up. We also help agents build confidence around talking to strangers and building relationships. This isn’t the first time we’ve helped an introvert get out of their own way.

We all know that choosing to grow your Real Estate business through relationships and referrals makes sense. BUT if you’re an introverted agent, it’s not going to feel natural walking up to strangers in your community. Parkbench gives you a reason to reach out and the scripts to make it easy. We offer coaching to help practise these conversations and are there with feedback if you hit any snags. 

Don’t let your introversion stop you from growing a referral-generating network. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little handholding at the beginning. Our team is here to help you succeed, and we’ve got a money-back guarantee to back it up.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re an introvert and need to get out of your own way and grow your business, click here to find out how.