“Parkbench put my business on steroids”

Real Estate Agents, are you actively connecting with your community? If you consider yourself a natural networker, you understand the value of giving back. When we partner with a new Local Leader, it’s important for it to be a fit both ways. What we find is that if a Realtor is already building connections in their area, Parkbench helps take this to the next level.

Recently, Local Leader Shari McGuire in Maple Grove, MN left us this glowing review. 

“Parkbench put my business on steroids. Using Parkbench in my business is like taking what I was doing in the community and putting it on steroids with business interviews. Their platform is very robust and the training is excellent to give us direction on how to implement it. My local leader flag is rising higher and I’m excited for the growth my business is going to experience.”

If you’re connecting with your community but NOT getting referrals, Parkbench will solve this problem. There have been countless success stories that support this. Yes, Parkbench is about building new connections, but it’s also about getting more referrals from your current contacts.

One Local Leader got a client from interviewing his father’s business. An employee hadn’t realized the owner’s son was a Realtor, and they connected to help her daughter buy her first home.

Another Local Leader got a repeat client from interviewing a local jam business. It was run by a woman who he worked with years prior. He reconnected with her when he heard about her new business, and she was in need of an agent again. They began working together right away.

A third Local Leader got a client by interviewing the owners of her local nursery. She had been shopping here for years. After supporting their business multiple times and finally connecting via the interview process, they worked together on finding a larger new location. 

Do you need more referrals from your current database?

Parkbench will help to enrich and solidify your community connections to grow your business. If you need to put your business on steroids, click here to find out how.