Parkbench – “I don’t want clients to go to Google, I want them to come to me.”

If you want to be a successful Real Estate Agent, it’s not just about being the most knowledgeable. Sure, you have to be great at what you do. AND you need to be professional, friendly, and approachable. BUT just being a nice person who’s a great REALTOR® is no longer enough. There are hundreds of other friendly and knowledgeable REALTORs®. What sets you apart?

To be the most recommended agent in your community, you need to be a local expert. If you focus your prospecting time serving others and helping solve people’s problems, they’ll remember you. Parkbench helps take this to the next level.

Someone will need a Real Estate Agent, personally, maybe a few times in their life, maybe a handful if there are more moves or investments. The intention is to get in front of them and build a connection before they need your Real Estate Services. Parkbench allows you to set yourself up with a whole slew of community connections.

Regan Sample, Real Estate Agent with St. Vrain Realty, understood this as soon as he stumbled upon Parkbench.

This is a recent quote from him.

“I don’t want clients to go to Google, I want them to come to me.” I enjoy being the hub of my neighbourhood – the ‘go-to guy’ so to speak. I instinctively knew I wanted my business to grow organically and with integrity. So many agents are transactional in nature and are always looking for their next paycheck. What they don’t understand is that a business can’t grow or be sustainable from lead-generation alone.”

Are members of your community still going to Google to find someone to paint their new nursery? What about finding a new landscaper when they’re considering a change to their backyard? If you build connections with local professionals, it’s easy to refer those professionals to your community members. The more people you refer out, the more referrals will come back to you. 

If you’re not the ‘go-to’ agent in your neighborhood, Parkbench can help.

We’ll teach you how to meet new people in your area. How to grow your network of professionals to refer. AND how to turn that network into a referral-generating, well-oiled machine. Click here to find out how.