Parkbench Reviews, Testimonials, Success Stories AND what you can learn from them.

As the co-founder and CEO, what I’m MOST proud of is the impact that we are having on the quality of LIFE of the professionals who sponsor their neighborhood and become a local leader, AND of the businesses and homeowners who are just users of our platform.

It’s not JUST about the money that our local leaders are making because of our system, but it’s also about the impact we’re having on their happyness, their confidence, their fulfillment, their energy and enthusiasm for real estate, their personal growth, their mental toughness, and much much more.

And it’s funny how today I’m providing context around what our customers have to say, because today we got another success story from a client that you’ll read below, and it’s SO different than EVERY other marketing & advertising companies (positive) testimonials.

Like before you read what our clients have to say, just think about the testimonials you’ve seen of any advertising company like Zillow, or print marketing company, or website development company…

The ONLY thing customers can say about their experience is:

“Yay, look at all the money I’ve made”
“Yay, I got leads, and they converted, and I made $X”

And I know that making money and getting a positive ROI is ESSENTIAL…but it’s not the only thing, and sometimes it’s not the main thing.

So, without further ado, read and watch what our customers have to say, and I’ll give you my insights from it that I think a new client can take from them.

Enjoy 🙂

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Now I want to highlight some specific comments made by some of our happy and successful clients, about their experience with Parkbench, to help you understand

  • How to be successful
  • What’s possible
  • If you’re a fit

“I signed up for Parkbench 2 months ago. During the past 2 months my expectations have been exceeded on all fronts. The coaching and support from Parkbench has been unlike anything I have ever experienced in 20 years of real estate. My coach, Jessie O., always responds quickly, provides relevant answers to my questions. From a platform standpoint, it works extremely well, information is updated timely and always has great information about my neighborhood. The business community has responded very well to the system, they are already seeing results from the interviews. Additionally it is a great prospecting tool. When I speak to business owners I am offering them something of value which makes it an easy conversation. Since joining I have picked up 5 clients as a direct result of this system.” – Norman Hathaway, Yorkville, Toronto –

  • Notice how quickly the system can work for you. We’ve had realtors get a new client in their first interview, second, fourth, and we’ve had agents get upwards of 7 new clients in 30 days (I think that’s the record). Bottom line, “The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct” ― Confucius

“Parkbench has given me an excellent way to better connect with my local business community and fellow chamber of commerce members. For example, from the day my site went live, Parkbench provided me with a local business directory. This provided value to my prospective interviewees and gave me a talking point that helped me reach out to them” – Tom Bullington, Hastings, Minnesota –

  • If you’re a part of a business networking group (chamber of commerce, BNI, your own)…leverage it! The businesses in your group will LOVE for you to interview and feature them. They will love to use this free marketing platform you’re giving them. And if you’re not a part of a business networking group, then join one! Parkbench will help you add more value to your community groups, so they will want to use you, promote you, and refer you business.

“the business owners we speak are excited that their business will have additional exposure… it’s a great feeling to give back to our local communities…and there is no cost to the business owners!” Laura & Aaron Shevlin – Palm City, Florida –

  • Even though most of the outbound prospecting you’ve ever done has been salesy, cheesy, pushy, with lots of rejection, with our system, you’ll find almost NO rejection!
  • However, you still must be excited to offer this amazing resource to your community, and confident that people will want to be featured, and use the website. If you’re hesitant, the people you talk to will be hesitant.
  • Also, do NOT charge people to be on your website because the value of their referrals is far greater than the $50 per month you MIGHT be able to get from them. This was a lesson I learned in the first 2 weeks of launching this concept in my community.

“We had one business that we interviewed say they liked it so much, and were getting such great response from it, that they asked if we could come back and cover a comedy event that they were featuring. It definitely takes some time to meet with the businesses and conduct interviews but is a great relationship building model. If you are looking to become a local leader in your community make the jump to” – Owen Lennox – Southwest Waterloo, Ontario – 

  • Yes, you can interview the same business multiple times, and just talk about different stuff! There’s endless “Value Adding Follow Up” Strategies with Parkbench. You don’t need to own a big area with Parkbench.
  • Yes, it takes time to build new relationships and follow up. You can’t sit back and let leads, clients, and referrals come to you. You MUST go out into your community and go GET it…the good thing is, our system is proven to work and it’s a ton of fun. And throughout the journey, your mindset will be tested. You will likely at some point think, “I don’t want to keep doing this”…and that the sign from the success gods that you’re 3 feet from gold and you need to keep on digging!

“The platform allows for me to have a value added purpose for contacting the business owners and decision makers in my community.  Instead of me going out and searching randomly for a reason to contact them and get to know them, I have something of value to give them, which in turn positions me and a leader in our community. By providing our community with a ton of value, local hot spots, organizations, and events coming up, I am developing name / face recognition.   In addition to that the business owners and community organizers, turn around and help me promote my business as well. This is a win, win, win platform! First, The business owners get additional FREE (to them) exposure. Second, The community gets relevant and important information allowing them to get to know their neighbors and have a stronger bond with one another Third, I get name/face recognition and referrals from others in our area, resulting in closed transactions.” Kelli Owens, The South Belt Area, Texas –

  • Remember, Parkbench is NOT advertising. It’s all about relationship building and prospecting. Even though you have an ad on the side of the page, the value comes from talking to people and giving them an item of value. Therefore, if you don’t go talk to people, our system won’t work! Don’t lose sight of this.
  • You must believe that if you help the local businesses make money, they’re going to naturally help you make money. You don’t need to ask. You don’t need to push. You just need to give value, ask magic (leading) questions to open up converastion about real estate and where they are/want to live, and people will ask you to be their realtor and they will refer you business. It’s the law of reciprocity. You must have faith in and trust the process.

“Parkbench has been amazing with the support. There attitude is a “can do or let’s figure out how to get it done” attitude and has never been “no we can’t do that”. Plus what Parkbench has done for the notoriety in my business has been invaluable.” – Randall Brown, Downtown Pleasanton, California –

  • The MORE you work with support, the more RESULTS you will get. Period.
  • We want to help you grow your brand and business quickly, and TOGETHER, we will get it done.
  • Don’t expect us to put too much time or weight on any problem…there’s no time for complaining…we only focus “what’s good, what’s possible, and how to get it done.”

“The more involved I get with Parkbench, the more I realize what an amazing opportunity I have for business success. The support, through coaching, webinars, Grant’s course, the follow up from the coaches after sessions, the staff, so knowledgeable and dedicated, is just phenomenal.” – Candace Stern, Dunnville Ontario –

  • There is a LOT to our technology and service. It will take TIME to take advantage of all the features. Be patient, and simply ask us what you should do NEXT. You can get results quickly, and your ROI will grow year in and year out. We’re a complete business building solution, and over time, you will reap all the benefits of partnering with us.

“What I have discovered though, is the exponential power of people skills and relationships. I have been a corporate financial professional being more attached to numbers than people for years and the Parkbench system has pushed my boundaries and taught me a totally different way to do business.” – Patricia Gonzalez de Grieco – High Park, Toronto –

  • Parkbench is different than any other sales & marketing system out there, and as a result, it will require that you be open minded to thinking and doing things a little differently. However, if you continue to work with our Geographic Farming Coaches and trust our process, you will be successful. Just be coachable 🙂
  • Also, If you’re introverted or simply “not the stereotypical realtor”, that’s OK! We work with all ages, all years of experience, all personality types, and all types of markets. We have learned the nuances that different people and situations present, and we have solutions for everyone. ANd if you’re not tech savvy, don’t worry, we can work with you, one on one, remotely, over screen share, and you’ll become proficient in no time!

I have been with Parkbench almost 2 years. I was new to the area and new to Real Estate, so it has been a tremendous help to me in meeting people and learning the communities. Parkbench does all the work, I just do the fun stuff–the interviews. I kind of go in fits and spurts as I have time, but even with that it has been a valuable and enjoyable resource to have. The support is incredible-super responsive and anxious to help however they can. I have closed 2 deals as a direct result of Parkbench and have some others in the pipeline that are indirectly linked to my Parkbench involvement. I highly recommend it! – Ellie F.

  • First, If you are trying to (or want to) get established in an area, Parkbench is perfect for you. Think about this as you select your area. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to build my brand and business”?
  • Second, Don’t expect yourself to “do parkbench” everyday, or even every week, and sometimes if you’re super busy with clients, or on vacation, every month! That’s ok. When you are serving less clients, and you need to build your pipeline, jump into a Parkbench Accelerator and do a SPRINT! 
  • Finally, imagine where business CAN come from. The person you interviewed might become a client. They might also refer you to their friends, family, and staff. Or, when you promote your interviews, a person on social media might reach out. We’ve also seen success when the person you interview promote it and someone from their following contacts the agent. We’ve had realtors get stopped in their community and pick up clients. And people who were interviewed 1-2-3 years ago have come back around as clients.

“This program gets you out into the community with a purpose. You meet business owners, you help market the businesses, you promote “shop local” and in return you become top of mind to so many people if you keep in touch with them. It’s a wonderful program for me since I do not enjoy sitting at open houses hoping to connect with at least one new person who doesn’t already have a realtor. Better use of my time and I am truly enjoying the process now that I know how to get videos on YouTube!!” – Karin Phillips, Casas Adobes, Arizona –

  • Remember, parkbench is not a way to “get your name out there” and “get leads” – While that will happen, it will only happen when you focus on giving value and building relationships. Everyday, ask yourself “who can I help today?” and use Parkbench to do it.
  • Also listen to Karin’s reflection on her personality, her strengths, and her vision for how she wants to grow her business. We’re not for everyone. Some people like cold calling. Some agents like doing open houses. Agents who do well with our system LIKE being in front of people, and know that if they talk to more people, one on one, face to face, their business will grow – Parkbench is merely the mechanism.