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Parkbench: “What you give out, you get back.”

Who is the right fit for Parkbench? We work with a lot of different types of agents. Some are brand new to the industry, some have been here for decades. They all have something in common.

Meet Dania Parker-Smith.

In this clip, I asked Dania for advice for new or prospective Local Leaders. She explains that the first thing to focus on is what community is. It’s important to understand that you’re not going to turn around tomorrow and have a massive referral-based business. A million dollars isn’t just going to show up in your pocket overnight. If you are doing this only to make money, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. It’s about giving to the community. And when you give, the community gives back.

She goes on to warn others to not get caught up in targeting the biggest and craziest stories. Talk to the real people with real stories who live in your community. They’re the most heartfelt, and some of her biggest impacts are with brand new launching businesses. One of her interviewees just started a baking business at home. Dania posted the interview, and her views jumped up 333% overnight! Huge, right? She encourages others to not think of what they’re getting, but what they’re giving. Think of this as an investment to yourself and to the community you love. 

That thing I mentioned all of our successful Parkbench Local Leaders have in common? 

Heart. They truly care about what they’re doing for their community. This is something that’s hard to fake, people can feel it. Are you chasing transactions or are you building a business? Focus on people and the leads and referrals will come.

The people in your community can either help or hinder your business. It’s up to you to earn their support. Coming to others from a point of contribution is an incredible foundation for a relationship. Parkbench makes that easy. 

Do you truly care about the community you’re serving?

Are you being loud about that? Parkbench is the number one way to get you active in your area. To grow the referral base with authentic relationships. Click here to find out how.