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How this Real Estate Agent is Building her Database with Parkbench

How intentional are you being about building your database? To be a successful Real Estate agent, we all know the importance of having connections. Growing your sphere of influence is an integral part of building your business. There are plenty of ways to do it, but are you actually doing it?

Local Leader Pat Love had read all the books about it and knew she needed to be growing her sphere. This was a big part of her intention to get started with Parkbench, to do just that. Let’s hear from her.

“My entire intention was to build a database. I had been in Real Estate for many, many years and had never really done that. About 4 years ago I joined Parkbench and I have done just that. I have grown a wonderful database, I have connections in the community I would have never imagined having. Everyone I know reaches out to me when they need a service of some sort because I, apparently, know everyone. That’s what I’ve been told! It is certainly nice to be the person whom people reach out to, and feel that I have great community knowledge. That’s what Parkbench is all about!” 

If you want your community to keep you in mind when it comes to Real Estate, you have to actively stay top of mind. Be a resource to those around you for other moments in their life that they need someone outside of Real Estate. This will help to solidify your relationships! Keep on giving and be that connector of people, and your database will give back. Pat’s story here proves that connecting with your community using Parkbench will truly set you apart from the crowd.

How valuable of a connection are you to those in your database?

Do you pride yourself on being a local expert? Parkbench is such an easy way to build authentic relationships in your community so you can truly be that go-to Local Leader! Click here to find out how.