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Why REALTOR® Peter LeFave Chose Parkbench to Grow His Business

When you begin a career in Real Estate, there are many ways you can choose to grow your business. You’ll get loads of calls from different companies selling lead generation strategies. How do you know which is the best option is for you? Peter LeFave heard about a lot of other options before he came to Parkbench… But this stood out.

As a REALTOR® with Royal LePage Infinity Realty, when Peter heard about Parkbench from his Broker, it made sense. He’s a people person, and this seemed like an option that was aligned with how he runs his business. 

Check out this clip below to hear more.
peter lefave

As Peter mentions, if you go into this expecting to make a ton of money immediately, it’s not going to happen. It’s about longevity and developing roots. If you approach business owners as people before prospects, it allows you to lay a foundation for a strong relationship. Choosing to serve others and help support their small businesses shows that you truly care about being a leader within your community. If you’re looking to become the most recommended agent in your area, you need to be locally connected. Are you spending enough time serving your community? OR are you only truly serving your current clients?

Chasing transactions isn’t sustainable.

We’ve all learned this, the focus must lie on building a sustainable business. A sustainable business comes from a solid sphere of influence. This SOI needs to be filled with real humans that you’re actually connected to. If you’re looking for a low-pressure option to grow your referral network, choose Parkbench. 

As Peter LeFave says, he feels he’s applying less pressure from these interactions than he would with mailers. It’s a real and authentic way to both help others and build relationships with them. These interviewees choosing to help you in return through their referrals becomes a no-brainer. So what are you waiting for? Click here to find out more.