Pre-Training #1 – You Must Believe

Are you ready for the most intense 30 days of sales & marketing you’ve ever done?!

Consider these pre-training missions your warm-up.

Remember, the #1 thing that determines how well you’ll do in this challenge? BELIEF. You must believe that you CAN do this. Without belief, failure is inescapable.

Checklist for Today:

  • Read the whole blog – 5 minutes
  • Watch all the videos – 3 minutes
  • Get Access to the Private Facebook Group & Make a Post
    • Introduce Yourself to Everyone
    • Name + Brokerage + Years of Experience + Goals in Business + Why you’re excited to be with Parkbench and execute the 30-day challenge

First, in order for you to believe that Parkbench will work for you, you must get to know WHY was Parkbench Created.

Watch this video on the Parkbench Story

…and here’s a written summary
(as you read this, see how it relates to your situation)

Back in 2012, Amanda and Grant had challenge…they needed to build their brand and get more clients in our neighborhood, quickly and easily.

See, Amanda was a new realtor in Toronto, who had a big database of friends, and she was trying to figure out how to convert those relationships into clients and referrals without being salesy and cheesy.

As for Grant, he was director of a fitness company with dozens of personal trainers, trying to teach them how to build their business close to home. And his disadvantage was that he was not from Toronto. He had no sphere of influence, no database, and all the traditional marketing methods and coaching programs were old school.

Furthermore, both of them had built their business on relationships and referrals, so investing in print marketing and online advertising didn’t make sense.

First, it’s not how they built their business, so in theory, they should be investing in relationship and referral-based marketing systems.

Second, advertising did not play to their strengths. Amanda and Grant thrive in front of people, so they should find ways to spend their money on items of value that get them in front of more people.

Finally, if they ever wanted to have a BIG business that was 100% relationship and referral-based, they needed to become a household name that everyone likes and trusts. 

This meant that they needed to build more relationships and have a bigger database. This also meant that they had to have a conversation starter, and an item of value that people actually wanted, and that helped them stand out and differentiate from the competition.

So, Grant and Amanda researched online for a solution and…nothing existed…so they built it.

The concept – a neighborhood website that did two things:

  1. Helped the local businesses make money…because if you help other people make more money, they are going to want to help you make money.
  2. Helped the homeowners stay up to date with what’s going on…because if you own the local news source, then you have a reason to talk to people, keep your brand in front of them when they don’t need you, and establish your brand as the local expert.

In 2013 Grant & Amanda launched what is now known as “a parkbench neighborhood website,” and then created a daily action plan, now known as “the local leader system.”

It worked.

In fact, it worked so well, that other realtors approached them saying…

“Who built you this website? I want one.”

“I want to do what you’re doing in my geographic farm area. Can you teach me?”

So like any opportunistic entrepreneur, who knows they can do something for others faster, easier, and cheaper than they could do it on their own, they started a side business…and within 6 months, 87 realtors bought exclusive rights to the technology and system for their geographic farm area, just in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Grant then asked Amanda, “How many realtors do you think would need our technology and system to grow their business?”

To which she quickly replied, “At least 1 per neighborhood.”

And that’s how Parkbench started!

It was first just a solution to the founders’ problems, and due to demand, became a full-time business for Grant & Amanda.

Parkbench officially launched in 2014 and now serves thousands of realtors in multiple countries.

Our purpose is to make realtors relevant again in their neighborhood.

Our mission is to help 10,000 friendly, community-minded realtors.

We do this by providing the two most important things a realtor needs: technology and business coaching.

We also ensure our clients stand out and differentiate by only working with 1 realtor per neighborhood and not licensing our technology out to anyone else.

And we’re so confident in our system that if you follow it, we guarantee it works, or you don’t pay us a penny.