Real Estate Agents, Is Your Phone Not Ringing Enough with Leads?

Is your call history looking a little dry? Do you wish you had more traffic coming your way?

I’m not suggesting you just wait around for the phone to ring. Of course, that’s a terrible idea. We all know good things come to those who hustle. BUT doesn’t it feel great when your phone rings and it’s an organic lead? The main focus of Parkbench is definitely action-oriented. Going out and connecting with your community. Building value by offering to feature local businesses and professionals on your community site. In turn, getting referrals from those genuine relationships. 

Sometimes those leads come from ways you didn’t expect.

Earlier in the week, we talked about recognition and the benefits of being known in your area. One of our Local Leaders, Sadhna S. experienced another win as her phone rang with a potential buyer.

Sadhna had completed just over a dozen interviews with local businesses. She was really enjoying the process of connecting with community members. Sadhna truly felt she was building real relationships that would bring her referrals long term. 

When her phone rang and it was someone looking to buy a home. Mentioning she found her card, Sadhna asked who had referred her. She explained that she had been out shopping within the neighbourhood. While she wandered, she had seen her business card at 3 different local shops.

She asked the third shop owner who this Agent was. The owner explained all about her and the interview and what an amazing experience they had together. She gave a raving review of this Agent and confirmed that she would recommend her in a heartbeat. On the phone, she said it was obvious that she was extremely connected in the community, and would be a great fit as she trusted she was an expert in the area. They began working together on finding the right property right away. 

Location of Businesses Interviewed in her Area.
Are you an expert in your area?

If you answered yes, how loud are you being about it? Using Parkbench to build real relationships in your area helps to solidify that you are the only option when it comes to choosing a locally-minded, community-focused Real Estate Agent. So what are you waiting for? Click here to find out more.