Real Estate Agents: Would Your Neighbours Hire You?

At its root, Parkbench is a tool that Real Estate Agents use to connect with their communities. If you live in a big city like Toronto, it can be tough to make a big impact in such a large city. When you focus your energy on connecting within a specific community or neighbourhood, it can carry a lot more weight.

In this clip, we hear from Chip Barkel, Local Leader in Willowdale, Toronto. As someone who has lived in Willowdale for a long time, he’s using Parkbench to establish himself as THE Willowdale Real Estate Agent.

Let’s hear from him.

As we’ve mentioned in stories before, an important aspect of being successful in growing your referral network is heart. Especially when you’re seeking to work with your neighbours. They need to understand that you care about them. 

Chip talks about seniors living within his community and the long-standing relationships he’s had with them. He’s worked with many clients in his own neighbourhood. As a part of his prospecting, he makes a point to connect and touch base with them on a regular basis. We all know that staying top of mind is paramount. Are you doing enough to gain the business of your neighbours?

Do you know everyone who lives on your street?

As a Parkbench sponsor, you have a community website that’s filled with local content and makes it easy to offer value to those around you. Choose to be louder about what you’re doing to give back to your community, and you will gain clients right within your area. Chip’s story proves this.

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until you’re kicking yourself when you see a sold sign on your neighbour’s lawn. Get ahead by choosing to use Parkbench to grow your Real Estate business and truly give back. Click here to find out how.