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How this Real Estate Agent Overcame her Fears with Parkbench.

There are a couple of different types of Real Estate Agents that we see come through the virtual doors of Parkbench. Specifically, when it comes to comfort with technology, we see two main groups. 

We have very digitally-focused agents who are tech-savvy. They are already online and busy on social media. Being online for a while, they have a decent following. There are no issues when it comes to how to edit and to upload videos as they’ve already been doing it. 

Then we have agents who aren’t quite so tech-savvy. Often, they’ve been in the industry for decades and know just about everything to do with Real Estate. As they continue to stay up to date and current, they feel the need to be more visible online. But where do they start?

Enter Parkbench.

When Local Leader Jeanie V. got started with Parkbench, she knew it was the right fit. She was already so ingrained in her community that it just made sense. Understanding the value of supporting the businesses in her area, she got to work.

Then, she got stuck.

She recognized very early in the game that something was standing in her way. Fear. Jeanie knew it was fear because it didn’t really make sense. If you’re someone who isn’t used to being on camera or navigating a Zoom room, it’s daunting. Being a solo agent, normally when challenges come up in your business, you really have to figure it out yourself. When you get started with Parkbench, now you have an entire team of coaches on your side. What’s the main focus? Getting you out of your own way.

In this video, Jeanie talks about getting started with Parkbench and the challenges involved. She understood that she needed to sacrifice a little bit in the beginning. If you’re already busy with your business, (or busy finding business) you need to trim things down and intentionally make time for this kind of prospecting. Swap out things like cold-calling for connecting with local professionals.

What makes Parkbench different?

Jeanie says the beautiful part of Parkbench is that it’s very well-rounded. Some companies say, “just do this one thing”. With Parkbench, we explain what you need to do first. Then, we move on to “this is what you need to do to get out of your way and get your mind right, too. Complete and total support, it’s easy to get lost without that.” Jeanie goes on to say, “this business can be very overwhelming, I have to say that Parkbench’s service and dedication to supporting and coaching, it’s just the best.” 

Jeanie is a valued member of our Local Leader family. It’s been incredible to see her get more comfortable on camera and start using this tool to give back to those around her. 

Have you felt that fear that Jeanie talks about?

Do you need help getting online and need to get out of your own way? We help Real Estate Agents overcome these challenges regularly, and I know we can help you, too. Click here to find out more about getting started with Parkbench today.