Are you Getting Referrals from Other Real Estate Agents?

Do you have other Real Estate Agents actively referring you clients? Are you looking for a way to grow your network of community-minded Real Estate Agents? This is yet another big perk that comes along with being a Parkbench Local Leader.

We all know the value of referrals.

Obviously, growing your Real Estate business by focusing on relationships and referrals is the way to go. Parkbench is the number one avenue to grow this network but connecting with your community. On top of that, did you know you get access to an exclusive community of agents?

Our Parkbench Local Leaders begin by getting involved in our clients-only Facebook group. This group is used to share best practices. To post interviews or blogs to gather feedback from other agents. Realtors will ask for advice when it comes to growing their business. AND we fill it full of helpful resources to ensure you’re successful. We help to foster connections between like-minded agents so you have a strong sphere or professionals on your side. We also often see posts asking for agents in specific areas to refer to.

Does this pay off?

Local Leader Pat L. connected with another Local Leader, Elysia A. when she was considering getting started. Pat shared her experience and Elysia decided to get on board. Pat recently shared in our group just how valuable this relationship and this network are for her. 

Here’s her quote from the group, “A huge shoutout to Elysia A. I met Elysia almost one year ago when she was deciding on Parkbench. She recently referred me a buyer and we have a firm deal, yay! Another not so expected Parkbench perk, thank you!” Elysia’s reply, “I am so lucky to have met Pat! Thank you Parkbench. Pat, you are the best!”… with loads more exclamation points. AND this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, click here to check out another great success story.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, choose to grow your relationships. Build relationships with local professionals. Relationships with community members and people of influence. AND relationships with other community-minded Real Estate agents!

Does this sound like just the solution you’ve been looking for? Reach out to us today to see if your area is available and get in on this success! Click here to find out more.