How This Real Estate Agent is Connecting with his Community Amidst COVID-19

As we reflect back over our last year with COVID-19, it’s natural to focus on what was lost. It was a hard year for so many people, and this virus hasn’t run its course yet. Real Estate Agents needed to pivot how they do business, and Parkbench did as well.

Last spring we made the shift from in-person interviews to virtual ones. Here at Parkbench, we quickly figured out how to be experts in the virtual meeting field. We ran coaching sessions and webinars teaching Realtors how to interview people over Zoom. There was some hesitation about adapting to this new idea, but those who took action saw results.

Meet Chip.

In this video clip, we chat with Chip Barkel, Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty and Local Leader in Willowdale, Toronto. Chip has been with Parkbench for a few years and had great success with it right out the gate. His first interviewee became a real referral ambassador for him and also a dear friend. He struggled to keep interviews going and found coordinating times and travel to be a challenge.

When COVID-19 hit, Chip realized early how much his community needed the support. He talks in this video about the realization that if a business owner can’t work in their business, they can work on their business. Chip found that doing interviews over Zoom is actually significantly easier to schedule. He found it simpler to fit into his schedule, and business owners were even more excited about the idea.

This past week at Parkbench we hit a personal best for how many interviews our Local Leaders posted in a week. Our Local Leaders interviewed and featured more members of their community this past week than pre-pandemic times! How exciting is that!? This solidifies what Chip is saying here. It is easier than ever for Real Estate Agents to connect with local professionals in their community. AND the professionals that Chip is interviewing are loving the exposure.

Is your database growth at a standstill?

Do you need a way to connect with your community amidst ever-changing restrictions? Our team is here to help you take action, to teach you how, and to ensure you’re set up for success. Click here to find out how.