Do You Want More REALTOR® to REALTOR® Referrals?

When it comes to growing your referral network as a Real Estate Agent, it’s important to consider all avenues. How many referrals are you getting from close contacts, including family and friends? Then, we can look at your larger sphere of influence through friends of friends and family. Parkbench will help you grow that reach by building relationships with local professionals. What about REALTOR® to REALTOR® referrals?

Our Parkbench Local Leaders immediately get access to our clients-only Facebook group. This group is used to share best practices. To post interviews or blogs to gather feedback from other agents. Realtors will ask for advice when it comes to growing their business. AND we fill it full of helpful resources to ensure you’re successful. We help foster connections between like-minded agents so you have a strong sphere of professionals on your side. We also often see posts asking for agents in specific areas to refer to.

Check out this recent interaction between Local Leaders Lianne Russo Liddell and Chris Hiebert.

As soon as our team noticed the ask, we tagged the appropriate Local Leader. Our entire client success team is sure to keep an eye on the group and helps to connect people together. If we hear clients talking about helping a seller move to a new area, we’ll often ask if they have an agent to refer to in the city their sellers are moving to.

You’re likely going to have to work with other REALTORS® in different aspects of your business, why not work with community-focused agents you can trust? Parkbench will help you grow your sphere or like-minded REALTORS® and help you tap into this incredible network.

Does this sound like just the solution you’ve been looking for?

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, choose to grow your relationships. Build relationships with local professionals. Relationships with community members and people of influence. AND relationships with other community-minded Real Estate agents! Reach out to us today to see if your area is available and get in on this success! Click here to find out more.