REALTORS®: How Loud Are You Being About Your Community Connections?

When someone decides to get started with Parkbench, we encourage them to get out into their communities right away. The faster you start interviewing local businesses, the quicker people notice. Word will begin to spread about what you’re doing in your area, and exciting things can happen.

In this video clip, we hear from Local Leader John Wood in Senoia, GA. Check it out by clicking the image below.

John shares two big wins in this clip.

He’s recently had the opportunity to host an open house for another, bigger agent in his area. He’s been loud about what he’s doing with Parkbench, and other agents in his brokerage have noticed. They see that when he’s not there in the office, I’m out in town. This agent wasn’t able to cover one of the days for her open house coming up and so her admin called John. Seeing the value of working with an agent who knows everyone, she invited him to both help cover the open house and offered to add his name as a showing agent. Simply for choosing to give back to his community.

His second win he speaks to is with a local condo development. A big condo complex is going in in his area, about 30 units selling for 500-700K. When he stopped by the complex, the agents had seen his videos and how well connected he was.They now have him listed as a showing agent with them.

John has only been with Parkbench for a couple of months and he’s already making huge waves in Senoia. It doesn’t take long for people to realize you’re actually connected to the community. He’s reaping the benefits in his business, and he’s only just getting started. 

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, choose to grow your relationships. People will notice when you step up as a Local Leader. Click here to find out how.