REALTORS®: Do You Need Help Prospecting?

We all know the importance of growing your sphere of influence. If you’re looking to become the most recommended agent in your community, you need to know more people! It’s easy to fill your schedule with things will that give you a quicker return on your investment. If you’re truly focusing on building your business, you need to invest time into growing your relationships. Making time for prospecting is paramount.

This is where Parkbench comes in.

Maybe you’ve heard about Parkbench and the idea is interesting, but you’re worried about adding it to a busy schedule. How will you find time to book appointments with those in your area?

Did you know that the Parkbench Concierge Team can book and set appointments for you? We appreciate that you’re a busy agent, and we want you to focus as much of your time as possible on building relationships and serving your Real Estate clients. 

We recently had this comment pop up in our clients-only Facebook group from Local Leader Chrisi Hagan. Let’s hear from her.

Shout out and thank you to Alicia Blackwood! She scheduled some Interviews for me that I would not have likely otherwise found. The owners were so appreciative, the businesses were so fun and unique and it got my ball rolling. I have been so focused on my business In this crazy market that scheduling and consistency were not happening. Thank you for sending me some amazing local talent to talk to!

You know you need to meet more people in your community. It’s clear that growing your sphere of influence will increase how many referrals you’re getting. Parkbench gives you a simple avenue to connect with local professionals from a point of contribution. Let us help you with prospecting! And if you’re worried about booking, we can handle that for you! The Parkbench Concierge team also offers video editing and content marketing services as well. 

If this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, click here to find out more