REALTORS®: Are You Going Out There and Getting The Business?

There are a lot of ways to grow your Real Estate business. So many agents are stuck in the past, doing the same things they’ve always done.

Cold calling.

Door knocking.

Buying leads.

Billboards and bus ads.

Then, there are agents who have realized the marketing is shifting.

It’s no longer just about getting your name out there. There is no shortage of Real Estate Agent options in every market. What are you doing to differentiate yourself and truly stand out? Business isn’t just going to fall in your lap… you have to earn it.

Dania Parker-Smith, Local Leader for South London Wortley, ON is passionate about this. She’s realized that even though a lot of business starts online, it still starts through a personal connection. We’ve all heard this over and over. People will choose to work with someone they know, like, and trust. 

This quote was from a recent conversation with Dania where she speaks to our changing world.

 “The world has changed a lot, the market’s shifted. Anybody who does not believe Grant that referral-based business is the way things will go is wrong. Over and over again, they will be online, it will be referral-based business through a connection.

If you don’t believe that and you think buying leads is the way to go you’re mistaken. Mistaken. The leads from my team have dried up but there is record business happening… so what does that tell you? You cannot spend your time waiting for something to pop in your email you have got to get out there and get the business.”

Dania is choosing to grow her business by giving back to her community. Building real relationships and providing value to those around her. In turn, they’re doing record business. Dania’s heart is in her community, and her community can feel it.

If you need to grow your business, stop buying leads.

Stop waiting for your phone to ring. As Dania said, you have to get out there and get the business! Parkbench can help. Click here to find out how.