How are our REALTORS® Growing Their Business with Parkbench?

There are a lot of different ways that our REALTORS® are using Parkbench in their communities. In this video, we hear from some of our Local Leaders as they share how their business is growing with Parkbench. What are some of the key takeaways from these testimonials? Watch the video below.

Our Local Leaders are intentionally growing their database.

When it comes to meeting new people and building authentic relationships, Parkbench makes it easy. We give you the scripts and coaching to know exactly how to approach new people from a point of contribution. Filling your CRM with real people who live in your community is wildly valuable and will lead to more referrals, more leads, and more transactions!

Our Local Leaders are consistently getting referrals from multiple avenues.

One of the really exciting things about Parkbench is that referrals can come from different sources. Our Local Leaders often get referrals direct from their interviewees when their friends or family members need an agent. They will often get repeat referrals from nurturing past relationships through the interview process. They also get REALTOR® to REALTOR® referrals from our exclusive network of community-focused Real Estate Agents. 

Our Local Leaders are consistently turning their interviewees into clients.

It feels pretty good to walk right into a lead, doesn’t it? It happens over and over, a Local Leader interviews a professional in their community and they have a conversation about why they’re sponsoring this site. The lightbulb flashes on and turns out they need a Realtor as they’re planning an upcoming move. It can happen that fast!

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to growing your Real Estate business? 

If you want to celebrate success stories like these, you need to take charge of your future. Parkbench can help you completely revamp how you’re running your business and help you get more referrals, grow your database, AND feel good about helping your community. Click here to find out how.