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REALTORS®: Do You Need an Excuse To Talk To People?

If you’re new to the Real Estate industry, you know the numbers can be tough in the beginning. You’re likely being given some big goals from your broker about how many people you need to be reaching out to per week. For a lot of agents, you’ll run out of contacts pretty quickly. How do you grow your contact list from there? Let’s take a look at Kevin Kearns.

REALTOR® Kevin Kearns chose to use Parkbench. He was brand new and needed to figure out a way to talk to people. He knew cold calling and door knocking weren’t going to be a sustainable way to grow his business. Sure, calling random people in his area would help him tick off numbers on his call list. BUT would it actually help him get business? Parkbench allowed him to meet people from a point of contribution. This aligned with his values and he got to work. 

In a recent interview, he shared why Parkbench is working for him.

“It’s given me clout over other agents, certainly in my office. There are people here who’ve been doing this for literally a decade or multiple decades. They’ve got their sphere, they’ve got their people already. My brokerage wants me to call 50 people a week, and I don’t know 50 people who want to hear from me every week. Parkbench is giving me the opportunity and the excuse to reach out and expand my sphere, and that has been awesome.”

Differentiation is key. When you’re beginning your career, it can be easy to feel intimidated by other REALTORS® with more experience. If you’re looking for a way to meet people and build referral-generating relationships, Parkbench is the perfect place to do just that.

What are you waiting for?

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