REALTORS®: How Are You Upping Your Video Game?

The world has changed. All across North America, the Real Estate industry has new rules. REALTORS® need to change their strategy to compete and stay relevant. Parkbench has the tools to help and we understand where your intentions should lie. It comes down to two main focuses.

Grow your referral network and get visible online.

In a recent conversation with Local Leader Dania Parker-Smith in London, ON she shared her thoughts around this new market. Click the image below to watch the video clip.

Parkbench is all about referrals. We give our Local Leaders the tools they need to build relationships. To connect with their communities from a point of contribution. We teach them how to interview local professionals and nurture those connections. This is where video comes in. 

But what we’ve realized is that it’s not just about creating video content, it’s about creating great video content.

We needed to up our game. We’ve recently launched our Local Leader Video Marketing Mastery Course. Our clients are so excited to take their videos to the next level.

Are you a Parkbench Local Leader who’s looking for ways to get more clients through video? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start creating both Real estate and community-focused content? Email or send us a DM for more information about our new course today.

REALTORS®, does this sound like something your business needs? Do you need to grow your referral base AND hone your video skills? Click here to find out how to get started with Parkbench.