Willowdale, Toronto

REALTORS®, Do You Have Referral Ambassadors in Your Community?

When Chip Barkel first got a call from Parkbench over 3 years ago, he was skeptical. As a Real Estate Agent, he doesn’t cold call, it’s just not how he runs his business. He usually tries to get any cold callers off the phone as quickly as possible, but something sounded interesting about this proposition. As he learned more about what Parkbench does, it really caught his attention. Chip found the concept quite brilliant, and very aligned with what he was already doing. Deciding to dive in, he became the Parkbench Local Leader in Willowdale, Toronto. 

Chip started with his first couple of interviews right away and was pleasantly surprised that he got business from his first interviewee. He interviewed someone from a local retirement residence, hear him speak to this in the video below.

He has built a strong relationship with this person and calls her a “referral ambassador” for his business. She has since referred him loads of business and feels she is a real cheerleader for him as an agent. This truly shows the power of Parkbench. When you give back to your community from a point of contribution and caring, the community gives back. Chip has found this to be an amazing way to not only build new relationships but strengthen existing ones. 

Do you have referral ambassadors working for you and your business? 

Are you confident that your sphere would bring up your name in a conversation around buying or selling Real Estate? Parkbench is the number one way to grow your database with authentic relationships. Get more referrals by doing business in a way that’s aligned with your values. Don’t fight with someone to stay on the phone during cold calls, offer others the value of supporting them and they’ll support you. 

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