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Can REALTORS® Build Referral-Generating Relationships on Zoom?

One full year. As we hit the one-year anniversary of the world shutting down for the pandemic, it’s causing many to reflect. Being a community-minded Real Estate Agent means physically being out in your community. Here at Parkbench, we pivoted quickly once this hit. Zoom was a straightforward and simple way to continue to connect with those around you. Unsurprisingly… Zoom wasn’t everyone’s favourite option.

We had Real Estate Agents who were just scared of the tech side of things. Then, there were many agents who decided to take a break once COVID-19 showed up. “Let’s wait it out, it’ll only be a few weeks.” This was a natural response, but not the most effective. A few weeks turned into a few months, and here we are a year later. Throughout the year, as areas opened and closed again, we saw a similar mindset kick in. “I know a lot of people are doing Zoom interviews, but I’m going to wait until this current lockdown is over”. 

Sherman Barrington, Local Leader in Stoney Creek, Ontario had this same thought process in early Winter, 2020. In his words, he had been spiraling. “It’s not the same, it’s not going to work, this is terrible, the world is ending. I’ll put Parkbench off until March and get back into it.”

Luckily, our team was here to help him change course.

After some time with our team, we got him to budge. All we asked for was to give it a shot. We reminded him it was about building a relationship. That it wasn’t about him and how he was feeling, it’s about this business owner. Local businesses are aching for help right now, and we encouraged him to just try one video. How bad could it be?

Sherman explains in this video clip, “the proof is in the pudding. I’ve done a number of Zoom interviews and one has even generated me a piece of Real Estate business. AND they’re happy! It’s given me a reason to follow up, and go back in person once we all can, it’s built right into this connection.”

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than not doing anything. Zoom fatigue is a real thing, and it’s affecting people in so many industries. We can either hide under a rock and wait for the sky to stop falling, OR we can take action. We can adapt and find ways to foster human connection. As so many isolate at home, Zoom is an amazing way to still meet someone face to face and build a real relationship. 

Are you a true community leader?

If you call yourself a community leader, it’s your responsibility to help support those around you. Sherman has now fully realized the obligation he has to help his community thrive. He’s passionate about serving others and is now reaping the benefits in his business. 

If you’re struggling with how to connect with your community, do it virtually. Parkbench is the number one way to connect with your community, even in a pandemic! Let us help you get out of your own way and become the true Local Leader you’re meant to be. Click here to find out how.