Referrals: Why Parkbench Agents are Beating their Competition.

It’s clear that Parkbench is all about upping your referral game. It’s about focusing your time on building relationships. About connecting and giving back to your community. We see many referrals come directly from the interviewees, but just getting a lead doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the client, right?

Let’s talk about turning referral leads into clients.

Once a Local Leader has a lead through Parkbench, they are often still competing against other Real Estate Agents to gain that client. Luckily, being a Local Leader who’s sponsored a community website has multiple perks. First, you have proof that you’re a community-focused agent. Potential clients can check out your site and see all of the connections you have built. It makes it easy to differentiate yourself against other agents who focus more on buying leads than building relationships. 

Then, we also provide a weekly newsletter that goes out to anyone subscribed.  This newsletter will include any new interviews or blogs you’ve posted over the last week. It also includes recent news about your area and some upcoming events. It has a call to action to request to be interviewed or find out information about Real Estate, along with your photo and branding. This helps keep you top of mind for everyone you’ve interviewed, AND is a resource to those living in your community.

Does this really make a difference? Ask Pat.

In this clip with Local Leader Pat Love in North Vancouver, she got a referral from an interviewee. She had interviewed a local Financial Advisor who had a contact who needed a Real Estate Agent for an upcoming move. Pat felt positive about the lead, if your financial advisor recommends someone it’s natural to truly trust their judgment. Turns out she was up against what she’d call a ‘fancy-schmancy’ agent. She knew she needed to differentiate herself, and she had Parkbench to make it easy.

When she met with this client, she went into her normal Parkbench schpeal. She talked about how she sponsored the exact neighbourhood this client was in and offered to subscribe her to her weekly newsletter. It was clear immediately to this client that Pat was a friendly, approachable, and community-minded agent. She knew she would be in good hands and it made the decision easy.

Pat talks about her chiropractor in this clip and how he mentions on a weekly basis the interesting content from her newsletter. No matter how lazy a Real Estate Agent you are, Parkbench sends out this newsletter every Monday. This reminds your community and your interviewees that you’ve done something for them. It gives them something to talk about with their friends, their families, and their customers. 

Are you competing for listings and losing out against other agents?

Are you a true community leader? Parkbench is the number one way to differentiate yourself in the Real Estate market. Let us help you stay top of mind AND get in front of more clients. What are you waiting for? Click here to find out how to get started.

Watch Pat’s video clip by clicking the image below.