How Roger and Laura Glenn are Building Their Real Estate Business with Parkbench

When Roger and Laura Glenn got started with Parkbench, they were excited. Being fairly new to the Real Estate industry, they were looking for a way to build authentic relationships in their area. Parkbench seemed like a natural fit and aligned with their values. 

They left a review on Google about a month in explaining their experience so far. 

“We are really enjoying our relationship with Parkbench. The new site is receiving a ton of positive feedback. We appreciate the incredible support we’ve gotten from Cristina Baldini, our Client Success Coach- as well as Jordan Aquino-Serjue and Darren Kim Ly. The convergence of real estate with featuring local businesses, news, events & specials is proving to be compelling to nearly all audiences! Looking forward to more functionality and the manifest value.”

A Month Later

Now another month has passed. They have interviewed and featured almost two dozen local professionals in their community. They are having an amazing response, and know this was the right fit for their business. Here’s an excerpt from a recent email update.

“I met the Mayor tonight at a local gym and he said “you’re that Parkbench guy”. The website is creating a buzz in the community. Business owners really seem to appreciate the attention and ‘item of value’. When we were starting I thought of this as a clever real estate marketing initiative, but something has changed for me in a short period of time. The gratitude people have shown for helping the community has fostered a deeper desire to help spotlight these businesses and the incredible stories of the people behind them. Real estate has become not necessarily subordinate, but what seems like a natural return in a long play to support local businesses. This is probably exacerbated by COVID, but also the ‘buy American’ sentiment and interest that small-town America has in helping the ‘little guy’.”

When we talk about the timeline of success with Parkbench, it isn’t an exact science. How quickly someone obtains a lead from one of these relationships changes based on many variables. We’ve mentioned before the difference between chasing a transaction and building a business. Roger and Laura Glenn are truly building a business in their community. You can see in Roger’s words above that he’s truly passionate about giving back to the people around him. We feel very grateful to have them as a part of our Parkbench family, and know Rabun County is blessed to have strong Local Leaders to advocate for small business growth. Check out their website by clicking here.

Did this resonate with you, as a Real Estate Agent?

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