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Are you sick and tired of toxic boiler room sales cultures?

Parkbench is building a world-class sales team, who values Growth & Contribution over free beer and a frat-house office vibe.

Also, do you loath long sales cycles with lots of gatekeepers?

If you join our sales team, you get leads every day, with the contact information of the decision-maker, and you’ll be doing one-pitch closes

And perhaps most importantly…

Do you hate feeling like a number in a big organization with no access to senior leadership so that you can learn, grow, and impact the future of the company?

If you join the Parkbench Family, you get daily sales training with the Founders so that you can learn and grow as a sales professional.

and if you’re a super sales nerd, we run a monthly book club as well

Also, if you want, book a time in their calendar to share your thoughts on how the company can grow and improve, we’re all ears!

Finally, if you want to be an entrepreneur one day, we’re open to teaching people how to start, grow and operate a multi-million dollar company without investors.

Message from the Co-Founder & CEO, Grant Findlay-Shirras

Hi there! This job posting has been written by me to attract the people that I’d like to work with on our new remote (work from home) sales team!

Right now, we are building a world-class team of sales professionals who want to help us achieve our mission: to help reduce the failure rate of local small businesses, so that we can make the (local) economy stronger! #shoplocal

And because of COVID-19, the world needs our technology and service more than ever, so we need 10 more sales reps to bring it to market.

As a company, we’ve enjoyed an average growth rate of 75% Year over Year for 6 years in a row and this year we want to launch in new markets, new industries, and as a result, there is lots of room for growth, and to date, we have ALWAYS promoted within. #peoplefirst

This is an inside sales job, where you make phone calls, book demos, do product demonstrations on zoom, and close!

Your OTE will be at least $54k, likely ~$129k, and for top sales reps, there is an uncapped commission structure where you can earn 180k+

If you’re interested…you must email me your Resume, a Personalized Cover Letter, AND a Video on WHY you are the right person for our company and mission.

Now let’s get started and outline the company, the role, the opportunity, and how to get started!

What is Parkbench and will you believe in the product?!

I hope “the product that you sell” is the main thing you care about because it doesn’t matter if you like the people, the perks, and the comp plan…if you don’t like and believe in the product, then you’re not selling, and therefore, you’re not growing financially nor in your career.

SO…what’s our product?

Parkbench Neighborhood Websites Powered by Parkbench AI

What makes us special?

We’re the the FIRST & ONLY technology to automatically curate hyperlocal content for hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods worldwide.

And the first application of this technology was to build these cool websites for neighborhoods, and 6 years later, we’re the best in the world at it!

Now, who wants a neighborhood website? Local Professionals. Namely, Real Estate Professionals.

Why? Because they want to appear to be “the local market expert,” and when they buy one of our Neighborhood Websites, it happens, and we help them generate leads, clients, and referrals for their business.

Read their reviews

Watch Interviews of Our Clients

Want to know what our clients REALLY love?

These neighborhood websites help them give back to their community.

When they sponsor their Parkbench Neighborhood website, local small businesses get a FREE platform to promote their products, services, events, and promotions so they can be more successful.

And, because of “Parkbench AI”, homeowners get a new source for local news so they can stay up to date with what’s going on.

Both of these features are EXTREMELY important right now because of COVID-19…hence why we’re expanding!

NOW is the BEST time for us to sell our product so that we can help local professionals serve their community, and grow their brand and business in the process.

Oh and one more thing sales reps really appreciate about our product…we have clearly written in our terms, that we guarantee a client makes more money than they give us, or we give them their money back!

Thankfully, it’s never happened because our product ACTUALLY works…now just imagine being able to offer that strong of a guarantee on the phone, and how helpful that will be for you to be successful as a sales rep and earn a great living.

Who is Parkbench and will I believe in the company?

Parkbench is one of the top relationship & referral-based marketing companies in real estate with over 1200 clients in 4 countries. #credibility

We graduated from the 500 startups accelerator in Silicon Valley, arguably the #1 accelerator in the world (competing with YC). This helped us build a recognized brand in real estate and generate a lot of leads for our sales team. #credibility

And we were RECENTLY offered to join the #1 accelerator for real estate tech companies…we accepted! It starts in 2020. #letsgooo

Here is what you can count on

  • Exclusive, Protected Territories
  • Daily Sales Training
  • A Lead List of Prospects Grouped by Territory AND how successful they are (ie how much money they likely have)
  • A Lead List of Prospects who have expressed interest in Parkbench
  • A Lead List of Prospects who have shown us they have a problem that we can solve because they downloaded our ebooks, or attended our webinars, etc.
  • Hubspot CRM + AirCall Dialer
  • Paid Professional Training
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Paid Vacation & Sick Days

What’s the compensation plan and can I make good money?

Salary – You can choose between having one (with a lower commission structure) or, if you’re confident in your sales skills and work ethic, you’re probably going to want to go on our straight commission structure and get 20% of the revenue.

Monthly Commission – You get paid out monthly on what you bring in; fortunately, clients pay their annual subscription upfront! You should expect to make commissions in month 1. The record is someone making a sale on their first day, after 36 calls, after 1 week of training.

Quarterly Bonuses – usually non-monetary like a trip or equipment to pimp out your home office!

SPIFFS – If the sales team can sell me on a SPIFF that would motivate them, and make financial sense for me, I’m game, let’s do it!

What it takes to be successful at Parkbench

You LOVE the sales game! You love finding high-quality prospects. You love finding a way to get their attention. You love when you get a person to open up and talk about their problems. You love when a person is engaged through the presentation you built. You love the perfect pitch where a person asks you to get started. And you love when people give you objections, because this is your time to flex your skills and win them over. You love everything about the sales process. If this is you…if the sales game energizes you, then you will be successful at Parkbench.

You ARE your own boss….notice I didn’t put this in the opportunity section because it’s not an opportunity. It’s a requirement. You need to “be your own boss”. Because while you get to have daily training with the Founders, you still need to “be your own boss”. We’re not micro-managers. In fact, we’re not good “managers”. We lead by example and you just need to keep up.

YOU make your own script. First, because scripts are for Pros. BUT, we believe that a company cannot give you “YOUR money-making script”…you have to make it on your own. Now we will empower you with “a sample script” to work off of, and a PDF to use, and past sales calls to learn from, but you will be required to make your own script, and to get it approved by me, because I’ll know if it’ll work or not!

You bring energy, joy, and enthusiasm to your work and to the team. Plain and simple, and this is a MUST.

Other Requirements

  • You have a computer, headset, and high-speed internet for VOIP Calling. I hope you win SPIFFS and Quarterly Bonuses to upgrade your setup, but you need your own gear to start.

Other Considerations

  • Sales Experience is a plus, but NOT required. Attitude + Work Ethic + Coachability + Belief in the Product = Success