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Why Sherman Barrington is Using Parkbench to Grow His Business

If you call yourself a community leader, it’s your responsibility to help support those around you. We have Real Estate Agents get started with Parkbench for a lot of different reasons. They want to grow their business, they want to connect with their communities. In this testimonial video, we hear from Local Leader Sherman Barrington. 

We asked Sherman a few questions about his experience with Parkbench. Check out the video below to hear more of his story.

Why does Sherman love being a Parkbench Local Leader?

He shares how much he appreciates the coaching and support. How helpful and thorough our Client Success team is when it comes to helping him be successful. He also talks about how “it’s the right thing to do”. Sherman consistently talks about how passionate he is about serving others. Oh… and the leads, referrals, and clients are a pretty fantastic bonus!

How is Sherman’s business growing?

Sherman had success right out the gate, including getting a lead on his third interview, and a second on his 6th. His business is growing both on the commercial and residential side, more than he ever expected. He’s able to truly focus on providing value and building real connections, and the leads roll in. He shares how he wants more avenues for business to come to him instead of door-knocking and cold calling, and Parkbench does just that.

How has Sherman’s community responded?

Local business owners have been consistently thrilled to be featured on his community website. They love the added exposure, they love that it’s free! It’s clear to see on social media the interaction that comes from posting these interviews, and how much the community is excited about supporting eachother. 

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