It’s do or die

That’s a dark title to a blog, but if you look at the facts, it’s a true statement for agents and brokers. Think about this… The Failure Rate for Agents is at an all-time high. 50% fail in their first year. 87% fail within 3 years. 95% fail within 5 years. There’s also more agents than ever, BUT the total number of transactions has stayed … Continue reading It’s do or die

I don't have time

“I don’t have time”…sound familiar? Read this.

The most crippling thought of every entrepreneur… “I don’t have time” That’s MY most limiting belief and it’s very very common amongst small business owners. I know that it’s a limiting belief.I know that other people around me are using the same 24 hours a day, and getting way more done than me.I know that when I think this, I’m focusing on lack and scarcity, … Continue reading “I don’t have time”…sound familiar? Read this.