The Parkbench Accelerator Overview

Ready for a no fluff summary?#letsgooo Here is the format of the accelerator The Training Sessions 15-30 minutes of learning 30-45 minutes of doing Same time, 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday Sunday = CEO Time = Thinking Time + Catch Up Focus on “how can I listen, learn, and take action so, at the end of this training session, I have moved my … Continue reading The Parkbench Accelerator Overview

Pre-Training #1 – You Must Believe

Are you ready for the most intense 30 days of sales & marketing you’ve ever done?! Consider these pre-training missions your warm-up. Remember, the #1 thing that determines how well you’ll do in this challenge? BELIEF. You must believe that you CAN do this. Without belief, failure is inescapable. Checklist for Today: Read the whole blog – 5 minutes Watch all the videos – 3 … Continue reading Pre-Training #1 – You Must Believe