The Parkbench Accelerator Overview

Ready for a no fluff summary?

Here is the format of the accelerator

  • The Training Sessions
    • 15-30 minutes of learning
    • 30-45 minutes of doing
    • Same time, 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday
    • Sunday = CEO Time = Thinking Time + Catch Up
    • Focus on “how can I listen, learn, and take action so, at the end of this training session, I have moved my business forward”
  • The Facebook Group
    • Share your best practices, lessons learned, and success stories.
    • Ask questions to help and/or feedback
    • Learn from each other AND The Parkbench Team on how to grow your business
    • Lean on the community to get motivated and inspired
    • Participate + Engage = Get results faster!
  • Daily Email
    • Usually about the what’s happening next
    • Use this as a notification to get prepared
    • Proper preparation prevents poor performance

How to get the most out of this accelerator? Show up + Play full out

What are we going to cover during this accelerator?

  • Goal Setting
  • How to interview and feature yourself, and create content about what you’re doing for your community.
  • How to build your Lead List = who to interview
  • How to book interviews without wasting time and getting rejected
  • How to prepare for your Prospect Interview®
  • How to Efficiently and effectively DO The Prospect Interview®
  • How to create engaging content and quickly post it online
  • How to Promote your content to maximize exposure
  • How to provide VAFU (Value Adding Follow Up) with your database and SOI
  • How to convert these conversations, interviews, and relationships into leads, clients, and referrals
  • How to “fit everything in” = Activity Management, Time Audit, Time Blocking
  • Deep Dives into Video Editing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media
  • How to get businesses to use the website, upload deals, sales, specials, events, and promote their profile to get reviews
  • How to get homeowners to write reviews, get deals, and subscribe to the weekly email newsletter.

…and more 🙂

What are some benchmarks for performance that you should be shooting for?

  • The process
    • It takes you approx. 5 minutes to book a Prospect Interview…no more than 15 minutes
    • 90%+ of the people you talk to say YES to booking an interview
    • You can plan and prepare for your Prospect Interviews in 15-30 minutes
    • It takes you approx. 30 minutes to “do the interview” from start to finish, executing everything, every time.
    • It takes you less time to create your content than it did to “do the interview”
    • You are able to promote your interview with all the necessary channels online in 15-30 minutes.
    • You like following up. You know how to follow up quickly and easily. It’s not a burden. It’s a joy.
  • “Getting clients from this system”
    • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Katie, Colorado – did 30 interviews in 30 days and got 7 clients (who later closed)
    • Stephanie, Indiana – 5 interviews, 4 referrals, 2 closed transactions
    • Amy, California – 2 interviews, 1 buyer
    • Michael, Toronto – 2 interviews, 1 listing
    • Kim, California – 1 interview with a restaurant owner, who then listed his house with her
    • Melanie, Michigan – 1 interview turned into 1 Buyer & 1 Seller
    • Paul, Ontario – 800k buyer because his website showed up on the first page
    • Rich, Georgia – Presented Parkbench to his small business networking group, got lots of interviews AND buyer for a 500k home
    • Alyssa, Texas – 16 interviews, 4 clients
    • Patrick, Oklahoma – In his first 2 weeks, 4 interviews, one of which became a buyer and seller
    • Ashley, Colorado – Interviewed a FSBO…who then listed with her AND after she promoted the content and did an open house…she found a buyer to double-end it
    • Pam, New York – 2 interviews, 3 closed transactions, including her highest sale price EVER in her career (and this client she only met twice before doing business with her)
    • Beth, Washington – Interview Auto Body Shop, who gave her their listing
    • Jodi, Colorado – interviewed a juice bar owner who gave her a 22 million listing and asked her to find him an investment property in Aspen.
  • “Building your brand, database, and SOI from this system”
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Leisa, Missouri – With her interview of Kyle Carborough, Owner of the Washington Tattoo Collective got her 948 Interactions on Facebook, 298 Shares, 20 Social Clicks
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Craig & Victoria, Missouri – With their interview of Tom Bray and Brandon Plunkett, Owners of The Suzy Q Drive-In – 1957 local homeowners viewed this interview.
    • Top 5 most viewed interviews of 2019
  • Charles, Portland – 1 interviewee gave him their Rolodex of local professionals, adding 40 more contacts to his database
  • Kelli, Portland – created 1 facebook post and got 20 interviews booked from it
  • Angela, New Hampshire – made 1 post on a local facebook group and got 25 interviews booked
  • Tom, Minnesota – 1 interview got him 400 unique visitors in 1 day, 1239 visitors over 7 days
  • Clients tell us they are stopped all the time in their neighborhood, in the grocery store, at the coffee shop, in the drive-through with comments like, “Hey you’re the realtor who does the interviews, I love them, can I be featured?”
  • “Getting leads for future business from this system”
    • Peggy, Indiana – did 1 interview that got her 800 page views in 1 week. 7 people (aka leads) contacted her through her Parkbench website asking for a home valuation and/or market report.
    • Dianne, Ontario – the business owner she interviewed was looking to expand and asked her to help him find his next commercial space
    • Rich, Florida – Has a team, and his team member talked to 10 businesses to book interviews and came back with 10 interviews and 2 listing presentations.
  • “All Sorts of (random) Awesome that can come from this system”
    • Nina, Florida – Got offered a job as a CEO…she took it.
    • Ashley, Colorado – Now the director of a non-profit in her town.
    • Lots of clients “get free stuff” from the people they interview in the community
    • Lots of clients “get invited to special events/parties” because of the new friendships they make in the community
    • Lots of agents who are new to an area, improve their enjoyment of life because of the new friends they develop from this system.
    • Lots of clients share referrals inside our private facebook group
    • Lots of clients interview people who then become trusted vendors for their business

What did I (Grant Findlay-Shirras) Achieve?

  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): 40 businesses offering deals in 2 weeks
  • Over 2000 people visited the site in my first week
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Over 1000 subscribers in 3 months
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Over 500 reviews in my first 3 months
  • Over 10,000 page views in month 3
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Average time on site of 11-17 minutes
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): Bounce rate of 20%-30%
  • 3 clients closed in my first 3 months
  • PARKBENCH RECORD (PB): I’ve done 28 interviews in 3 days and 42 interviews 5 days

Now…who wants to try and beat my records? 🙂

The first step to doing so is to think about it!
So let’s talk your first task – goal setting!

✅ What are your goals for the next 30 days?

✅ What does success mean to you?

Email me your answer:



Subject: Parkbench Accelerator Goals

Answer these 2 questions:

  1. What NEEDS to happen in the next 30 days for you to feel it was a success?
  2. What would be NICE if it happened in the next 30 days? (lets still push for this!)

And to help, consider these potential results…are they need to have vs nice to have?

  • Parkbench aligns with your personality, your values, your marketing strategy, and business goals
  • You find out support responsive, encouraging, consistent, and useful
  • Your community gives you positive feedback. What does that look like to you?
  • You like the Prospect Interview® System (booking them, planning, doing it, posting, promoting) – what does success look like? How many interviews do you need to do in 30 days? How many would you like to do?

And maybe ask yourself these questions as you think about your goals:

  • What do you need to see, feel, and experience with our technology?
  • What do you NEED to be more efficient and effective at?
  • What do you NEED to “get”? What would be nice to get? knowledge, engagement, subscribers, businesses, deals, reviews, traffic, etc.

Remember, if you can see it in your mind, you will see it in your hand.

Think about your goals. Get crystal clear on it. Be realistic…but challenge yourself. Then write it down (because if it’s written it’s real)…and tell The Parkbench Team what you need to see happen (because then it’s more likely to happen)!

Next important ground rule for this accelerator…I must manage your expectations, with what you can expect from The Parkbench Team, and let you know what we expect from clients who are going through the Parkbench Accelerator – it’s a two-way street!

First, what can I be to you?

  • A business coach who can advise on: sales, marketing, negotiation, customer service, operations – “starting, growing, operating”
  • A trusted advisor & sounding board. For example, “are you thinking about changing brokerages? Buying a certain software or advertising service?” I’ll give you an unbiased perspective.

Now, what am I NOT able to do for you?

  • Provide Technical Support or General Inbound Customer Serivce
  • Be a Real Estate Coach who can advise on: The Market, Legalities, staging a home, etc.

What you can expect from The Parkbench Team

  • We will be responsive
    • We will give you Fast & Easy Support
    • We will Respond on the Facebook group within 12 hours, if not less
    • For Emails, the avg response time is 2 hours
    • For Live Chat, the avg response time is 3 minutes
    • For Phone Support, you get to talk to a professional human, one on one, and do a screen share if need be.
  • We will be structured & strategic
    • We will give you Consistent Daily training, 6 days per week, with a plan
    • We will give you Scripts, templates
    • We will give you Recordings of all the training sessions
    • We will give you Blog Summaries (like this)
  • We will be Honest & Transparent
    • I will do my best not to come off as rude (because I’m never trying to me)…however, I will be blunt and direct. I will challenge you if I think that the way you’re thinking or doing things is not in your best interest to achieving your goals.
  • We will be open-minded to receive your criticism, feedback, ideas, and advice
  • We will be motivating, encouraging, and OBSESSED with your success

Now, here’s what we expect from you:

  • Be Positive & Optimistic & Suspend Disbelief
    • In times when you’re down, or feeling any negative thought or emotion, ask yourself, “How can this be a good thing?”
    • Remember, Thoughts Become Things, and EVERYTHING starts with Belief.
  • Be Growth Oriented
    • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want
    • Focus on where you’re going to, not what you’re going through
    • At the end of the day, ask yourself, What went well today?
    • At the end of the day, ask yourself, What would I do differently?
    • Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better! 
    • Be MORE than a realtor, Be a Local Leader 🙂
  • Be Engaged & Contribute
    • Ask Questions on live training sessions and in the facebook group
    • Answer Questions that people ask in the group, or that I ask in a live training session.
    • Share your best practices and lessons learned (remember, no one is competing, because you all work different areas!)
    • If there is anything you specifically want to be held accountable for, then put it in the facebook group for your Batch, and we will!
  • Be Honest & Transparency, which means, tell us:
    • If you don’t understand something
    • What’s not good
    • What’s challenging
    • What’s on your mind
    • What’s going on in your life
    • What should I/Parkbench Stop doing
    • What should I/Parkbench Start doing
    • What should I/Parkbench keep doing
  • Be Open-Minded & Coachable
    • Be open to new ways of thinking and doing things
    • Trust the process (because look at all the results).
    • Use our scripts and templates – don’t try to recreate the wheel.
  • Be Persistent & Do Whatever It Takes
    • Tackle problems head-on, right away
    • Remember, Problems are gifts calling you to grow, so go get your gift!

Day 1, Complete 🙂

Yours in business success,