The Value of a Network of Community-Minded Real Estate Agents

When you get started with Parkbench, the list of what’s included is pretty lengthy.

You have a system and a tool to use to grow your database and connect authentically with people in your community.

You get a beautiful community website filled with local aggregated content.

You get access to hours of coaching and resources, including one-on-one time with a coach to ensure you’re set up for success.

AND… you get access to a network of friendly, personable, approachable, like-minded Real Estate Agents who also value building their business through relationships and referrals. Eric P. learned the value of this on his first day with the system.

This isn’t the first time a Parkbench Local Leader got a referral from another Agent. In our clients-only Local Leader Facebook group, there are often messages from Agents looking for someone in another area to refer to. In this case, Eric P. and Jack E. were on an onboarding session together as soon as they signed up. As we keep these groups small, they had a chance to connect on the call and start to build a connection.

It came up near the end of the conversation, that Jack had close friends who were looking to move into Eric’s area, along with bringing their business there.

And guess what? They needed a Real Estate Agent.

Jack knew his friends would be in good hands by referring them to a friendly and community-minded Real Estate Agent, and it solidified for both of them that Parkbench was the perfect fit in the direction they were taking their businesses in.

Are you feeling a little left out of the club? Are you wishing you had a network of Agents you could connect with? Click here to get started and absolutely ROCK 2021!