How to Turn Acquaintances into Referral Generators with Parkbench

Parkbench is such a valuable resource for any Real Estate business because leads and referrals can come from multiple avenues. The prospect interview process is a great way to build new relationships AND solidify current ones. 

We find our most successful agents are natural connectors. They love to meet new people and naturally network in their everyday lives. We recently had a success story where a Local Leader took an acquaintance relationship to the next level.

When Aliza B. was first looking to move to a new area, she happened to meet a woman and her family while wandering through town. They chatted a bit about the community and she mentioned she was looking to relocate here. Once the move happened, they reconnected again. This woman ran her own business, so Aliza immediately asked if she’d like to be interviewed and featured. She explained that she had this local community website. That it was all about getting to know her new neighbours AND supporting small business. 

They booked the interview and had a great conversation. This really solidified their connection. As they got to talking after the interview, Aliza took the opportunity to talk about Real Estate. Turns out she had a friend who was in need of a Real Estate Agent and asked if she could connect them with her. It was a natural fit, and she felt confident that her friend would be in good hands!

Offer value to those around you, and they’ll want to return the favour.

The law of reciprocity is no lie! By supporting those in your community, they’ll want to support you as well. Parkbench can help you build new relationships AND get more referrals from your current ones. So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn how to get started today.