What Doors Are Your Connections Opening For You?

As much as Parkbench is an amazing tool for meeting new people in your community as a Real Estate Agent, it’s also a tool to both nurture and enrich your current relationships. By offering additional value to those already in your sphere, you’re likelier to get referrals from them in the future, or if they already refer people to you, this will increase the chances that they will refer even more! Win win.

Sometimes, more than just increasing referrals, your connections can open new doors for you. In the case of Local Leader Michael M., his interview with a local Home Equity Retirement Specialist opened the door to a very valuable room.

The interview itself was great, they had known each other for years but hadn’t connected in a little while. When he got started with doing interviews with Parkbench, she was third on the list as he decided to begin with his current Real Estate sphere.

Shortly after the interview, Michael got a call from her. She was inviting him to join a networking group that she was a part of, and she thought with his wide range of knowledge regarding Real Estate, and what he was doing to support professionals in their area, he would be a perfect fit. Not only was he invited to the group, but he was invited to do a 10 minute presentation on his business and his community website. And if it could get any better… he was the only Real Estate Agent in the group.

Getting invited into a room like this is extremely valuable, having someone trusted within the group bringing you in and giving you a stage to share your story is even more amazing. This Local Leader now has another whole group of professionals to interview and feature, who prioritize the members of this group when they need someone new.

Zoom Interview with Michael M. and his Home Equity Retirement Specialist

Are your connections opening the right doors for you? Do you need a way to build new relationships or solidify your currents ones from a point of contribution instead of an ask? Parkbench is the best way to get in front of more leads, referrals, and clients in a genuine and authentic way that people remember. Reach out to us to get started today!