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What If You’re Uncomfortable on Camera?

Like any new skill, learning something takes practise, and doesn’t always feel great the first time you try it. We all know that if you’re setting yourself up to be a Top Real Estate Agent in your area in 2021, getting on video helps to differentiate yourself in the sea of other Realtors, and can help people to get to know you as a personable, approachable, and friendly Real Estate Professional.

But… what if you’re scared to get in front of the camera?

I’m sure you’ve got the best intentions when it comes to getting this done… but that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. Sometimes it’s just as simple as having someone there to help you through the process, and teach you how simple it really is to have a conversation on camera with another person.

The amazing thing about getting started with Parkbench, is that if you’re scared or nervous, we’ve got you! Part of my role here as the Community Manager is to help some of these Agents get comfortable on screen. I get it, I’ve been there. Before joining the Parkbench Family I was also nervous about being on camera… and now if you look at our social media I’m allll over it and having a great time.

Check out a few of these interviews below that I’ve done with our Local Leaders.

Sally Wint, Local Leader for Waterfront Toronto
Michele Holland, Local Leader for Lake Mary, Florida
Scott Russey, Local Leader in Owings, Maryland

If you’re getting started with Parkbench and this piece of it makes you nervous, talk to your Account Executive about getting a spot in my calendar. Let’s have some fun, build great relationships in your community, and get you more referrals!