What You Get With Your Parkbench Neighborhood Website

Parkbench provides the most complete sales & marketing platform in the real estate industry.

It’s a bold claim…we know 🙂

So just take a look at this infographic to see how we stack up against all other methods of sales and marketing.

Now let us walk you through the details of “What you get” with Parkbench, and after, you might also come to the conclusion that Parkbench is better than every other company and system in the real estate industry, helping realtors:

  • Build their brand
  • Build their database
  • Acquire more clients
  • Get more referrals

(Note: If you like watching videos to learn, scroll to the bottom for video links to watch)

First, when you work with Parkbench, you get:

  • An interactive and content-rich website for your geographic farm area
  • A marketing platform that you can give the local businesses in your neighborhood
  • An online news source that you can give the homeowners in your neighborhood.
  • A platform to post blogs and videos on that’s optimized for search engines
  • A simple CRM 
  • A weekly email newsletter about your neighborhood
  • A customizable ad on the side of every page
  • A business and school directory
  • A real estate property search
  • Access to an Exclusive Referral Network
  • Website Analytics
  • Sales Scripts
  • Marketing Templates
  • Interview Questionnaires
  • A premium real estate profile to promote your personal website, contact information, social media links, testimonials, awards, designations, and more.

Second, here is what we do for you:

  • We keep your Neighborhood Website up to date by adding recent local news, events, and deals
  • We create and send the email newsletter for you
  • We add businesses and schools to the directory for you
  • We do the SEO for the website
  • We send you a monthly analytics report
  • We provide customer service to the local businesses who want to use your neighborhood website to promote their products, services, events, deals, sales, and specials.
  • We provide business coaching to you on: sales, marketing, customer service, mindset, financial planning, and more.

And MOST importantly, here is how you can get support and training so that you can get results quickly and easily

  • You can call in for one on one phone support – during standard business hours we pick up in 3 rings or less.
  • You can email in for support – our average response time is 2 hours or less. Our average resolution time is 24 hours or less
  • You can talk to support through live chat – the average response time is 3 minutes or less
  • For Do-It-Yourself learners, you can use our help center (help.parkbench.com) or take our course (courses.parkbench.com)
  • We have live group training, every day
  • We have a comprehensive youtube channel (youtube.com/parkbenchtv) and blog (blog.parkbench.com)

…every type of customer support a company can offer, we offer because we know every agent is different.

Over the years, Parkbench has spent millions of dollars on it’s technology and you get it for less than 1% of the actual cost of it.

We’ve also worked with thousands of realtors in every type of real estate market imaginable, and you get the learn all the best practices instead of having to figure it out on your own.

Bottom line, Parkbench has everything you need to grow your business, so that you can save money, simplify your business, and live a better quality of life.

Action Steps You Must Take

  • Login to your Parkbench Website
  • Complete all sections of your profile
  • Upload a cover photo for your neighborhood

Now here are the videos we recommend you watch