Why This Agent Gave us a Chance When She Realized Parkbench Was More Than a Website.

At first glance, you may think Parkbench is just a website. A super useful website, of course, showcasing local deals, news, events, and businesses. Maybe you can see how your community would benefit from this website. BUT why sign up for just a website?

Local Leader Debbie D. had the same thought. She almost cancelled her demonstration call with one of our sales representatives. She already had a website, she didn’t really think she needed another one.

As she explained in her five-star Google review, her conversation with our team taught her that Parkbench isn’t just a website. Parkbench is an entire prospecting system. First off, we create a beautiful and resourceful website for you to use to connect with your community. Next, Parkbench is a tool to showcase exactly who you are to the people in your area. You are a locally-minded, community-focused, Real Estate Agent who truly cares about giving back to your local professionals and helping the neighbourhoods flourish.

So here’s this amazing system, but how do you use it to be successful?

Our Live Group Coaching, our one-on-one follow-up calls with our Client Success Coaches, and our incredible support team provide you with every single resource necessary to be wildly successful with Parkbench. Our Client Success team is completely committed to your success. You’ll see this over and over in our online reviews. We’re awesome, and we’re excited to help you completely change how you’re running your business with our Parkbench Team on your team.

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